12×17 Yoga 1.1

I started off my February yoga month with a vinyasa flow class at Frame, Shoreditch – London. The word ‘vinyasa’ can be translated as ‘arranging something in a special way’ like yoga poses! In vinyasa yoga you coordinate movement with breath to flow from one pose to the next. Flow classes string poses together to make a […]

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12 x 17: Feb. Yoga.

I’ve practiced yoga on and off for two years but I’ve never been committed despite dreams of having a yoga retreat in the Philippines one day. I’ve always let daily life get in the way and feel like I’m never making progress. Yoga is great not just because of its physical benefits but mental benefits […]

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girl v 12×17

Last year my pal Sam Furness did a year long project (#12×16) in which he pursued a new creative project each month. Inspired by this I have set out on my own project (12×17). My aim is slightly different, after a difficult year in 2016 I learnt the value of wellbeing – physical and mental […]

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The Patty and Bun Theory

So you’ve scared them won them over with your opening lines, the law of probability says that eventually you’ll match, chat and bag yourself a date. And if I can bag a date with my lines, there’s hope for us all. But where do you go? This could be a story you’re telling your grandchildren […]

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on Bumble opening lines*

(*tried and tested)  Every time I log into Bumble (after uninstalling it for the 2nd time that week) I am at first filled with hope and romance, which is quickly replaced by questioning why I do it to myself. I thought dating apps would boost my self confidence but all they have done is left […]

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