on why Santa is my ideal man

Perhaps it’s being single for too long… Or not long enough… But I reckon Santa is my ideal man, and here’s why… His job keeps him busy, but he works from home – meaning we won’t live in each other’s pockets but there’s always time for a mid-afternoon romp stroll. I would live in the North […]

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The Patty and Bun Theory

So you’ve scared them won them over with your opening lines, the law of probability says that eventually you’ll match, chat and bag yourself a date. And if I can bag a date with my lines, there’s hope for us all. But where do you go? This could be a story you’re telling your grandchildren […]

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on Bumble opening lines*

(*tried and tested)  Every time I log into Bumble (after uninstalling it for the 2nd time that week) I am at first filled with hope and romance, which is quickly replaced by questioning why I do it to myself. I thought dating apps would boost my self confidence but all they have done is left […]

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on dating, again

Last time I was single Tinder was something reserved for the world of hook-ups and sordid fantasies. But in the time my last relationship had blossomed and subsequently crashed and burned – Tinder had become not only a hook-up app, but also a place for people to meet their true love. People have met, fallen […]

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