girl v. czech republic

I took a short trip to the Czech Republic on my week off, I spent a couple of days in Prague and then a few more days out in the Czech countryside. It was lovely to get away from the hustle and bustle of the West End and immerse myself in some culture. It’s nice […]

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girl v. happiness

Happiness is not all encompassing and all consuming but rather it is a steady ebb and flow of warmth through your body. It does not shout, nor attempt to tear you down. It has not the need to hide in the cracks of your inner crevices waiting for the right moment to crawl out of the woodwork. […]

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girl v. depression

I think of depression like grief… It’s sticky. It’s that annoying sticky stuff that gets left over when you peel off a sticker and you need to rub a couple of times to get the last of it off… and even then it is just sometimes… there. It finds its way to cling to the […]

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Girl v. the Sky Garden

If you haven’t already, you must. On top of that odd building, that Walkie-Talkie wonky sky scraper that melted cars when it was being built, is a beautiful hidden oasis. The top three storeys offer 360 degree views across London and even has landscaped gardens, observation decks and terraces inside. If you just want to have […]

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Girl v. Morocco

In Essaouira I found the calm I had been searching for for quite some time. Armed with an iPad, a book and a boyfriend, I boarded a shockingly early flight directly to Essaouira from Luton. The old Medina, an old city enclosed by an old fortress that has survived the years, hides winding alleys and […]

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girl v. how to stay in love

I wrote about how to fall in love. Did you follow my steps precisely? Did you fall in love? More importantly… did you stay in love? Fall in love slowly, deeply or casually but make sure you fall in love. Fall blindly and stay there. Make each other packed lunches with post it notes. Stare […]

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Girl v. Pet Peeves

We’ve all got pet peeves and that’s just fine. Maybe you get irked by your boyfriend leaving the toilet seat up. Or slow walkers really grind your gears. But some all of us have some really weird pet peeves. I know that deep deep down inside there are some totally odd things that really get […]

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