#12×17: April – Spring Part IV

I had hoped to share a video of me plunging into Tooting Bec Lido this weekend to help celebrate Spring – however giving blood kind of wiped me for two days and I’ve genuinely been in bed for 24 of the last 48 hours (as I said – health is a journey!) Luckily for me, I’ve done some Spring Cleaning in my flat this month that I can share with you.

When I bought my house I had dreams of it looking like a Pinterest board straight away, that I would magically amazing at DIY and no project would ever take longer than 2 hours. Unfortunately the reality is that I keep going to B&Q and buying the wrong supplies and neither my hands nor my patience are anywhere near as steady for the jobs I try. But I’m determined, if anything, to have a go at things… I’ve realised perseverance is the key – and whilst I’m not done we’ve come a long way in two weeks!



#12×17: April – Spring Part II

Spring-cleaning is not just physical! On the first beautiful Spring day of the year I take a walk (or run!) from Westminster to the Millennium Bridge, listen to 4 Non Blondes – What’s Up and try to do some mental spring cleaning! Every year I ask myself: is your heart full? Are you proud of the life you’re creating? Have you changed one person’s life for the better? Spring is a chance to create a new sense of self whether it has mental or physical manifestations. Whether it’s hitting 10,000 steps a day, taking up a new hobby or changing the world… Spring is always a good place to start.

IMG_1823 (1)IMG_1829

#12×17: April – Spring

IMG_1713.JPGThere’s a sweet sense of satisfaction when you indulge your self doubt but the harder part is finding it in you to swallow the hard pill and keep on trying at something. After March 12×17 I did not know what to focus on for April, I felt like I was about to fail at even the smallest of tasks. Sam told me to think broad and then Spring came along… he told me to list down everything I thought about when I thought about Sprin. The first things that came to mind were the song “First Day of my Life” by Bright Eyes, renewal, spring cleaning, flowers and being outside (and then everything else)… what do you think about when you think about Spring? And how will you welcome some much needed renewal in your life this month? Oh, and does anyone fancy a dip in Tooting Bec lido?

#12×17: March – David Hockney Part II

Do you ever start something and it doesn’t turn out like you hoped? A project, a relationship, a job, a hobby… and it kind of sucks and you feel kind of lost because you had high hopes at the start… that’s how I felt about March’s 12×17 project. I lost my way and couldn’t get creative despite choosing one of my favourite artists. Sam gave me some words of wisdom to help me make April more successful – physically and mentally! For March, I managed to take a few photos collages (the Turbine Hall of Tate Modern was my favourite) and a quick painting o A Bigger Splash. The best lesson to learn about any setbacks is to know when to move on and not let the bad things get in the way of the bigger journey.


#12×17: March – David Hockney

Thanks to Tate, I went on a tour of David Hockney’s retrospective with the curator, Chris Stephens, who gave an interesting insight into the exhibition, which opened last month at Tate Britain. It traces Hockneys career from his early sketches in the 1960s to unseen new paintings he’d just painted late last year. For March 12×17 project I will be exploring all things Hockney and taking inspiration to create some Hockney magic myself. When Stephens asked Hockney what he hoped people would come away with from the exhibition he said: “I hope they go away and look more closely at the world as there’s so much to see.” Here’s to a month of looking at the world in all its brilliant colour.