#12×17 July | A Thai Hiatus |

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Drawing from @jooleeloren

I took time off my #12×17 project in July as I quit the job I had for 5 years to jump into the unknown and try to figure out the next chapter in my life.

As I said last month, this project was designed for me to discover how to cultivate better mental and physical wellbeing. I was lucky enough to be in the position to not feel completely paralysed with fear if I quit my job to take more time for #12×17 as well as discover a new chapter for my life. When we’re comfortable we don’t like change, but #12×17 taught me to mix things up a bit.


So I jumped on a plane to Thailand, walked around the streets of Chiang Mai drank coffee, ate mangos and looked at art, and then went down to Koh Samui to do yoga on the beach; the epitome of inner peace…. riiiight?

At the halfway point what did I think of the project, was it going the way I wanted it to? I had no idea when I started the project that I would be in July, unemployed and taking a completely new direction in my life. But I couldn’t be happier! If I take anything away from this project it would be the impact getting into a regular routine with yoga (and some other fitness) has had on my life. I’m more balanced, have more energy and also more proud of my physical and mental fitness. Aside from yoga, being able to divide up my time more efficiently has helped me realise when is a good time to STEP AWAY FROM NETFLIX and get out and DO something, with my hands, with my mind, with my body!


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