#12×17: February – Yoga Part I

I’ve practiced yoga on and off for two years but I’ve never been committed despite dreams of having a yoga retreat in the Philippines one day. I’ve always let daily life get in the way and feel like I’m never making progress.

Yoga is great not just because of its physical benefits but mental benefits as well. Yoga has always been light when I am surrounded by fog. I find that when I practice it is one of the few times I can switch off completely and be in the moment. It’s not about whether you can do the perfect downward dog or headstand, it’s about the journey you take to get there and it’s more than a couple bendy poses, yoga incorporates meditation and breathing exercises as well as stretching.

Last month I spent some time at Blue Osa yoga retreat in Costa Rica being taught by the wonderful Yoga Hollis. I felt so invigorated I didn’t want my yoga practice to fall to the wayside when I came back to London. So this February I aim to practice yoga everyday, at home or at classes. I’ll be exploring different types of yoga from iyengar to bikram to vinyasa. Whether you’ve never tried it or you’re a yoga addict, come along to a class with me this month and discover the benefits, or at least follow along my journey for some fun yoga facts! Namaste.




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