girl v 12×17

Last year my pal Sam Furness did a year long project (#12×16) in which he pursued a new creative project each month. Inspired by this I have set out on my own project (12×17). My aim is slightly different, after a difficult year in 2016 I learnt the value of wellbeing – physical and mental – each month I’ll be pursuing a new project to contribute to cultivating better wellbeing for the present and the long term and along the way I will be encouraging you to join me. In January I decided to take an instant photo a day – in a world of phone photos living up in the cloud, choosing and selected one important (or even unimportant) thing a day to document was tough (not to mention mastering the ‘art’ of an instant photo – a lot of over/underexposed outtakes) But it encourage me to appreciate each day and discover new things around me. Recording life like this has always helped me a great deal when anxious or down. Whether it’s recording my daily steps, my dreams, my anxiety out of 10, the things I’m greateful for, over time routine brings me back to being content in the present moment. A quick count will show I missed the first week but I will be trying my best to continue to take one instant photo a day for the rest of the year because this brought me a lot of joy this month. I won’t leave it so long to share next month, tomorrow I’ll tell you all about February and how you can join me.



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