more ways I’m failing my twenties

#78 Traveling too much or not enough

When I left university I was desperate to run away. My dad died in the last couple weeks of my degree and all I wanted to do was run away. I didn’t really tell anyone I just upped and left with a friend and a facebook post of a departures board.

I ran away all the way to Asia and then for the next year or so I consistently ran away from everything. To Asia, three times, away from boyfriends and friends and work and responsibilities.

And then I was overcome by this paranoia that I was wasting my life, that all my friends had moved on and started their careers and jobs and lives and I was still spending half my time sunning myself on a beach and the other half of my time scrubbing toilets for pennies.

So I came back to London to work. Not just work, I poured my heart and soul into a career. Not the right career but still a career. But it itches. That little travel bug. And now I’m thinking that that girl who had so easily given in to a life 60 hour work weeks, out of hours calls and working through weekends because she believed the appearance of having her shit together was more important than actually having my shit together may not have actually HAD HER SHIT TOGETHER.

So we’ll see.

But anyway. There’s no such thing as traveling too much, or wasting time when you’re exploring. Whilst wandering off to another country is not a matter to be taken lightly, or maybe it is. Do it for the right reasons, or the wrong reasons or for no reasons at all. But if you want to, you should, and don’t stop.


One comment

  1. giraffestyle · January 2, 2015

    Haha. Dont get me started on the pressure of feeling like everyone else “had their shit together” but you. Ive felt like that for awhile. But it comes in cycles. People progress and regress constantly. Good luck!

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