Tommi’s at Dirty Bones

It’s been a long while since I got my teeth into a really great burger. Oh, it’s not like I haven’t been looking… I even whipped one up myself with ground steak, peanut butter and Emmental cheese (if anyone needs a guest chef, I’m there.) But nothing ever had me dreaming like last Sunday got me dreaming. Days later I’m still drooling at the mere thought of their burgers and it’s all thanks to Dirty Tommi’s menu at Dirty Bones, Kensington. Every Sunday Ross Clarke of Dirty Bones and Siggi Gunnlaugsson of Tommi’s form the excellent Dirty Tommi’s. And you won’t live to regret a visit. Four words: Mac N Cheese Burger. Enough said. And if you needed something smooth to wash it down, try the Mutt’s Nuts cocktail. We had the Sloppi Dirty Fries which were fries smothered in mince and kimchi, a Mac N Cheese burger, a fried chicken burger and a mac and cheese on the side too because we double carb like kings. This love affair only started a couple weeks ago and today(!) Dirty Bones were just voted one of the coolest diners ever by Shortlist so get yourself down to High Street Kensington and gorge yourselves silly. Thanks guys! We’ll be back soon.

Find them here and on twitter here.


And if you needed further convincing, here’s a pretty devastatingly handsome photo in high res (thanks to: The Gaztronome)



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