ludovico may inspire you but coke will make you fly…

Back in a rut of bad boyfriends and bad choices, I wrote things that are better than anything that rolls off my tongue nowadays…

Girl v. London

I saw Ludovico Einaudi play at the Lowry a couple of weeks ago. I was excited because I knew hearing him play would set me free once again… Ignite the fire within me and set my creativity alight. I’ve not been all there lately, the past few years are catching up with me and that spark that fuelled me has disappeared. The reason people fell in love with me and the reason I got up in the morning. Gone. Zilch. Nothing. Nada.
Einaudi was like watching poetry played out in front of me. Each note spun upwards, danced in the air which was thick with awe… each crescendo performed an intricate soliloquy… each diminuendo was a dance. Notes intertwined like lovers. Each bar was an ounce of ecstasy and I spent a little over an hour entranced, enveloped and enthralled by this one man. I felt so consumed with inspiration…

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