girl v. coming home

I was given a little time off after being antibiotic-sick for the third time this year, a sickly manager is a liability when you start launching FW14 and planning the SS15 dress collection. So I skipped along to Berkshire to help mum with implementing some new designs in her house (finally, Pinterest comes in useful). I spent the week pottering around the greenhouse, going out for coffee mornings, taking trips to Laura Ashley interiors, drinking decent wine, walking the puppy in wellington boots and eating my weight in carbs… I could almost get used to this life…

But then again, there’s something about coming home. That feeling. It reminds me of being in love.

A comforting, warm embrace that feels so natural, like you never really left. It’s that feeling that quenches your thirst on a hot day; that you’re in a place that you belong. That’s what it’s really all about, that fit.  We go around trying out Tinder, diving into dating, chasing the one that got away, when all we really want is to come home.

Some days nowhere in particular feels like home.  Sitting in my Brixton flat with cracked windows and peeling lino in the bathroom, or working hard for little reward and not a glimpse of greenery or natural light in days. On days like those I try my best to come back to the countryside, where I litter little parts of myself around as reminders of my presence, that I’m a someone somewhere at least.



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