fear and loathing in my mid-twenties

worrying in my mid-20s vs. early 20s 

Things I worry about now that I didn’t before…

–       My job turning into a career… last week my boss told me that if our three year plans didn’t match up we would have a problem. Before last week I sort of thought my life would just be a swirl of colours and burgers and lovers and then at about 50 I would live in the countryside on a farm with one pig, one sheep, one goat, two dogs, three cats, three chickens and maybe a Shetland pony.

–     Talking about the future… how the hell will I ever pay off £22000 worth of student loans? I’m three years out of uni and I’ve paid £800. Last week I stole toilet paper from work.

–       I’m becoming painfully paranoid that supermarkets are out to shame me for being single. The pack of baby spinach I picked up today in the supermarket was from the “Solo” range. I actually chose not to buy spinach because it made me feel overwhelmingly alone in the world.

–       Whether I can touch my toes and why everything aches nowadays…

–       I have a fear of meeting the love of my life on the tube and probably elbowing him passively aggressively into the arms of another not so hostile commuter.

–       The correlation between how much I work and how little I care about how I look. Somedays I consider wearing pajamas to work.

–       Do I read enough? In fact, do I have enough hobbies? Does traveling 40 minutes for a doughnut count as a hobby?

–       Do I get enough fresh air? I went for a walk this morning and I felt dizzy. I had to go straight home, close the curtains and stream poor quality videos off my laptop whilst I hid under my blanket.

–       Will I be forever alone, and more worryingly, do I care about being forever alone? I’m pretty sure if I was more worried I’d probably stop googling cats so often.

–       I wonder if I can go a year without making any horrendous love life decisions which end up with me being a hot mess drinking shots off strangers and dancing on tables.

–       Why do I only have 442 twitter followers… make that 441……… am I destined to talk to myself on Twitter forever?

–       Talking of social media…  I worry about the fact that receiving Facebook likes gives me far more self validation then anything else in the world right now…

–       Getting too fat.

–       Getting too thin.

–       Am I boring? 

Things I don’t worry about that I did before…

– my sexual performance.




Let’s keep going.



  1. Peter · May 11, 2014


  2. JillianEsque (@JillyBoyd) · May 11, 2014

    *big big hug* I feel ya. I feel ya.

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