girl v. grief II

If life is that slow march through banal drudgery, then grief are arrows in the back – painful and piercing but never fatal.

Grief is an abyss that if you look into for too long and let it, it will consume and devour you, leaving you a bitter husk. It can lie dormant for years or it can chip away at you everyday, making you bitter and cold, or unburdened and free.

But everyone knows that shit hits in threes.

Luckily life isn’t always banal drudgery and sometimes we’re marching towards life and not death. On days grief will hurt just as much as the first time but if anything, it will remind you of what is important in your life, and what makes your life something slightly more than banal drudgery. Somedays you can wash the slate clean and start again.  But sometimes, shit just hits in threes.




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