Girl v. Byron Burger Club


This week Byron launched their first Burger Club event. They describe the club as “founded to reward dedication to the cause of proper hamburgers and open the doors to the inner workings of our kitchens.

Down in the basement of their Hoxton restaurant, Byron put on an evening of “Mockdonalds” complete with chicken nuggets, a fucking hot apple pie and old school McDonald’s adverts playing on a projector.

We all know burger joints are achingly cool in London so it’s tough to make it unique. But this little event was able to capture intimacy which I think far outweighs exclusivity nowadays. I just hate the idea of queuing for my burger and milkshake.


The event had one sitting for two evenings and was intimate enough to high five their head chef for a job well done afterward and compliment one of the top guys in Byron on his scent… Turns out it was the chicken nuggets, it’s clear my mind is always on one thing… Nom. But the best bit for me, the vanilla malt milkshake with a shot of maple syrup and a shot of Makers Mark bourbon. My life will never be the same again.

It was kitsch, delicious and intimate. In a city that engulfs me, a little intimacy and a lot of BBQ sauce, can make my day.

Looking forward to the next one, Byron!

Find out more here


Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 12.43.19


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